Van Hout International

Service has been the cornerstone of our operations since we were founded over a century ago. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the products our customers want, manufactured to their precise specifications and delivered on time with all required documentation. We form close working relationships with our customers, and work hard to understand their unique and evolving needs.

Until the year 2002 we produced veneers, lumber and plywood in our factory in the Netherlands. In 2002 we started to replace our machinery to several countries where the logs are growing.
Already in the year 1998, we started to share our knowledge about the production of these products and educated people in these other countries how to manage the quality requirements of our customers.

To serve our customers in the best way, we have connections with factories in Africa and Europe. For American species, we have our sister company located in New Albany, IN, USA. In the Netherlands we have our logistics department to serve our world-wide customer base and to manage the different sources.

The factories in Africa produce sliced veneers, peeled veneers, mouldings, lumber and some plywood for our customers. The relationships with the factories are there for a very long time and are based on reliability and friendship.

Already many years before the cooperative venture in the Ukraine was launched, we were very well connected with people and companies in the Ukrainian wood industry. The factories in Ukraine are specialized in sliced veneers, but also produce peeled veneers and lumber.

In other European countries we have our (long term) connections with factories producing European lumber. Some factories however, are also still producing veneers of African (and European) species.

Our sister company VanHout USA is specialized in sliced veneers. Please have a look at VanHout USA’s website for their products (click here).

We are very proud to cooperate with our customers as well as with our sources, which are mainly located in the countries where the species are harvested. To be sure we make the connection between our customer’s wishes and the source’s possibilities, every piece of wood that is sent from source to customer directly, has been approved by one of our local specialists.

Responsible, sustainable forestry has always been and always will be a priority for Van Hout. We are FSC® certified and have all other necessary permits.



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